August 1st – nnenn

We kick off our series of summer interviews with prolific space builder, nnenn. We talk about his building speed, his lack of loyalty to the LEGO company, and so much more.

-An Introduction to nnenn
-How many MOCs has he made in the last year?
-How does he use the online community?
-What builders have inspired nnenn?
-What does he have up his sleeve?

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9 Responses to August 1st – nnenn

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  2. Brickule says:

    Look at crap so you can build better.
    LOL, good one.

  3. Kile G says:

    I can’t wait to see who’s next then.

  4. Remyth says:

    This project sounds awesome James! I cannot wait to see what or who you have up your sleeve for the rest of August!

  5. Mark Kelso says:

    Fantastic way to kick off the whole thing, and as usual some great conversation. I often wondered about Nnenn’s approach, and it was great to get his artistic perspective on building…which explains why he will sometimes cut or customize – aesthetics first it would seem. Anyway, best of luck cranking out these interviews. You’ve got my full attention for a good 31 days!

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