August 7th – SlyOwl

Today we are joined by builder SlyOwl (flickr) who talks about how he went from building for play to building for display, the story behind “dung mall,” and tips on how to use pieces in strange ways…

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4 Responses to August 7th – SlyOwl

  1. Bonaparte says:

    Good and informative interview.
    I enjoyed listening to it.


  2. Nannan says:

    I had not realized that the dung was made out of treads until I now

  3. SirNadroj says:

    Wait, I’m not the one to beat anymore? =-P

    Great interview, as always!

  4. SlyOwl says:

    Thanks James for doing this!

    When I mentioned that I had mixed a lot of my pieces up in a bucket, I forgot to say that this is useful on two levels; that it provides a useful starting point for finding a random piece (as opposed to looking through individual bags, which in my experience isn’t as effetive), but also when I’m searching for a piece, I often find another that I wouldn’t have thought of that either works better, or is useful somewhere else.
    I also “store” ideas I have by putting a few pieces together to remind me and leaving it on the edge of my desk for inclusion at some other point (table scraps too)… This was the case with the ship in the distance in Castaway t’ Neverland.

    @Jordan – Well, as I said, there are more specialised people out there now in the main areas I build…speaking of which, when was the last time we entered a contest together?

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