LAMLradio #52 – Batman, Power Miners, and More

In our second attempt at a live show I run through the news solo. I talk about the newest LEGO theme Power Miners, look at the new LEGO Factory set, and discuss some of the recent LEGO Batman news.

New Theme “Power Miners”
First look images
-Comparison between RockRaiders and this new line
-Are the images so far prototypes?
-Do we want glow in the dark?

7979 Castle Advent Calendar
-Only in Europe?
-What is the reason for this?
-Can fan action change LEGO’s mind?

LEGO Batman: The Video Game
-Best TT game ever?
LEGO Batman at McDonalds
A LEGO Batman TV Series?

New Set Images
New LEGO Factory Set
Pirate Impulse Sets

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2 Responses to LAMLradio #52 – Batman, Power Miners, and More

  1. Snappy Gamer says:

    I’ve reviewed Lego Batman on my site, check it out!

  2. sith says:

    power miners is just a new version of rock raders

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