Our New Theme Song

If you’ve had a chance to listen to our two newest episodes you’ll have noticed that LAMLradio has a new theme song. It is called “LEGO” (original) and is preformed and written by Ben Pleasance (aka noraintodaymusic). After hearing the …

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A New Site Design

We’ve just launched a new design for the podcast. Let me know what you think in this post or by emailing me: podcast@laml.org

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Sunday, 4pm EST – Live!

This Sunday at 4pm EST we will be recording another live show right here. We will be using the site ustream for live streaming audio and for the chat. At 3:30pm EST we will be doing a pre-show and your …

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I Tried Building…


Two days since our last interview and some of you might be wondering what happened to the little project we had going on. Well, I’ve been so inspired talking with these builders, listening to tips, and studying their MOCs that …

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Interview For August 12th Delayed

I just attempted to record the 12th interview in this project but due to some internet issues I’m having things did not go as planned. So even though I promised you all to get back on track today you’ll have …

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LEGO Podcast Comic


The AFOL comic by Greg Hyland is a LEGO comic that pokes fun at the lives of adult fans of LEGO and appears in the magazine, BrickJournal. Will recently pointed out to one in particular that relates to this site: …

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LAMLradio #50 – About


In Episode #50 of LAMLradio Aaraon Andrews takes over the role of host and interviews James about the podcast’s history, current state, and future. -A little info on the man behind the magic* -What is LAMLradio? -Is there a history …

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LAMLradio #49 – Eurobricks


In Episode #49 of LAMLradio Mark Larson (aka Hinckley) joins us as we take a look at the website Eurobricks. We talk about the website’s history, its future, and what its relation with The LEGO Group is like. -A little …

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