Velkommen, ようこそ, Willkommen,  Powitanie, 歡迎, Welcome, ברוך הבא

LEGO and More LEGO (LAML) is “the” podcast for Adult fans of  LEGO .

If your new to LEGO; LAML Radio is your guide to joining the international community of Adult Fans of LEGO (AFoLs).

"The Brick"

Every year the LEGO group (TLG) is now providing its products to 400 million customers in countries all over the world. What you know is that it is not just kids. There is a huge adult fan community that is growing large and more vocal every year. Some estimate the Adult Fan or LEGO community (AFoL) to be about 400,000 people – that is somebody who buy LEGO for them selves (not their kids). Others measure the community as the ~60,000 adults who are members of LEGO hobby groups,  clubs or what is know as a LUG (LEGO User Groups).

With about 5% of LEGO sales now coming from AFoL, The LEGO Group (TLG) have really embraced the AFoL community now and several products have been developed specifically aimed at AFoLs. Here at LAML Radio we often get the inside word on the projects and make sure you know what is happening in the LEGOverse.

We talk with the personalities, builders and amazing people all over the world who LOVE! LEGO – just like you.

Welcome and please enjoy the interviews with MOC builders, insights by webmasters of LEGO sites, and general LEGO news and views on the world of the “brick” We cover all themes, from Star Wars and Indiana Jones to Castle and Space. We even do Bionicle and Exo-Force news!

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