LAMLradio #10 – BZPower and Bionicle

In Episode 10 of LAMLradio I interview Andrew, news editor at BZPower. We talk about Bionicle sets, films, games, and MOCs.

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  • Is Bionicle for adults as well as kids?

A few examples to suggest this line can be built by all ages:
Prudent Great SpiritBaby ElephantRoseFigure

  • Why does Andrew build Bionicle?
  • Is he a fan of the Bionicle films and games?
  • Has the theme changed over the years?
  • How long can the line of sets last?
  • History of the BZPower website
  • What plans does BZPower have for 08?

Now it is your turn, what do you think of Bionicle? Comment in the blog below or email the show

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11 Responses to LAMLradio #10 – BZPower and Bionicle

  1. Dace says:

    I don’t think Bionicle is for kids, it just isn’t my building style.

    I have made one attempt in the past to make a Bionicle MOC, but it didn’t work out so well…

  2. And I think the same goes for every theme, except perhaps Jack Stone… Are there any Jack Stone builders? Now that would be an interesting show! 😉

    But back on topic, any theme weather it be Star Wars, Castle, Town, etc can be built by all ages. That is what makes LEGO stick out beyond other hobbies (for me at least). A four year old can’t play with model trains but both adults and kids can play with any theme, no matter who the stories are aimed at.

  3. InnerRayg says:

    Alright, as a fellow BZP Staffer I’d like to say thanks to Andrew for doing this interview; it’s good to get some of the rest of the Lego community to…I dunno….realize we exist? I loved BrickFest 06, but man was it hard trying to be the Bionicle guys. Fun, but hard.

    One important thing I think Andrew might have glossed over but would have been pertinent to non-Bionicle fans who may be interested to just find out what’s going on, or maybe get in on the toy line but are scared by the bucket load of story that will be piled on them if they do…The current story has been additative, with the past constantly effecting the present, but after 2008 Lego plans a renovation of the line, that will not discount the past few years, but will in affect put us in a completely new path and open us to a new story to tell that AFOLs and kids alike are invited to jump onboard with.

  4. InnerRayg, you mention jumping into the Bionicle story. I’m up for the challenge, but where do I (and others) start? Is there a place I can get up to speed on the Bionicle story without having to rent videos, play games, read books, and buy comics? A timeline perhaps?

  5. Rav says:

    James, a good place to catch up with BIONICLE is, the BIONICLE Wiki. It has almost everything about the story, from past to present.

  6. Thanks Rav, I’ll be sure to check it out and see if I can educate myself a little.

  7. InnerRayg says:

    In addition James, you might also check out Bionicle’s official place for the story, (not an ingenious title, but it gets the job done right?) It’s a bit more simple than BS01’s design and probably won’t overwhelm you with information like it can. After all, BS01 is the definitive wiki for anything Bionicle, and that means ANYTHING, so you’re getting every small fact we could find with the stuff you read there.

  8. InnerRayg says:

    Additionally, since I know it’s going to confuse you and everyone else (including a few fans) the events that happen during the timeframe of 2004-2005, with the heroes called the Toa Metru/Toa Hordika were flashbacks to explain how the people got where they were when we started the story, and the heroes are now the “village ancients” that tell all the legends and seem to know everything. This story was a big controversy for us, but it did help explain at least how they came to be so knowledgeable.

  9. All I need to understand a story is a time line. Once I have one in front of me, I feel like at last I can begin to find out about a story and piece the information together. I see BioSector has one, and as I dislike almost everything about, I’ll go with the fan site. 🙂


  10. Toaraga says:

    I should point out that former BZPower Administrator Binkmeister does currently have a hand in part of, so hopefully that will help with how people view LEGO’s site for now. 🙂

  11. Swert says:

    Quick note, as I listen to the Podcast, good job to ya Andrew, glad to see we’re getting out there.

    I think I should listen to this more. -Swert, BS01 Owner

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