LAMLradio #13 – Blockland

In Episode 13 of LAMLradio I interview Eric Hartman, creator of the online building game Blockland.

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  • What is Blockland all about?
  • What does the game cost?
  • How many others play it?
  • When did you begin work on the game?
  • While creating it, what have the high points been?
  • Does Eric feel the new LEGO Universe will effect his game?

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22 Responses to LAMLradio #13 – Blockland

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  2. Boltster says:

    Badspot (Eric) has a sexy voice 😀

  3. Maxwell says:

    Interesting conversation to bad he didn’t ask “When are you planning on to releasing V9”. If you see this reply Eric, please reply back.

  4. Arichman says:

    How come the audio got taken off? I really wanted to listen to it and I can’t find it anywhere else.

  5. James says:

    Arichman, that looks like my fault, sorry! I’ll get it fixed as soon as possible!

  6. Arichman says:

    Thanks James works now!

  7. Zach says:

    eric sounds like a radioman

  8. Benedict says:

    There is a free standalone mod practically identical to this game.
    It features twice as many bricks and many more additions not found in the basic game.
    It can be found at

  9. Badspot says:

    Yeah thebettermod is just like Blockland except it’s looks terrible, has a terrible interface, and has crappy framerate.

    The fact that Blockland runs literally 25x faster is worth the $20 all by itself. Add in improved graphics, interface, name registration, ban system, events, add-on system, save system and vehicles, and I don’t see how anyone can play anything else.

  10. blsert45 says:

    i want v10.3!!!! lokes like lego 🙂 🙁 >:(

  11. slicerman10 says:

    I wish that Badspot would tell us when he is gonna release stuff. And he should release stuff more often, purely on the forums, as just a mod, and not an update. That way us players would be able to try out what Badspot is working on, and maybe we could even help him. I guess that would mean making Blockland kind of an open-source project. I think that Blockland could go a lot farther a lot faster that way.

  12. Zayanah Mahammad says:

    I got this game, it’s awsome.
    Eric says “Uhh” alot.

  13. flamar50 says:

    Im thinking about it, and Eric does say “Uhh” a lot, doesn’t he? 😉

  14. )~(smashmaster)~( says:

    he does say “uhh” alot

  15. Using the crap outside is fun says:

    The link broke again

  16. LOL DUDE says:

    There is one thing in Blockland i do not understand… does TB work on the BL versions that are over V2? Or does it only work on V2?

  17. riot says:

    TBM is NOT a game, its a stupid mod created from the beta. The Blockland that costs money is that Blockland that came and was meant to be from the beginning of v0002, mods don’t count.

  18. Random Guy says:

    Well, the link leads to


  19. Pandermoni says:

    Link broke, http://www.paramagmus sound like a crappy thing under development

  20. kickman269 says:

    No it will not be effectid by Lego universe… but it will be compared to it becauser of lego’s intrest in in

  21. Kyle98 says:

    Smexy, voice Badspot (Eric)

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