LAMLradio #15 – Sharing MOCs Online

In Episode 15 of LAMLradio I discuss with Aaron Andrews (aka DARKspawn) and Nannan Z. the latest LEGO news and our views of sharing MOCs online.

  • Tormod Askildsen becomes head of community development {link}
  • What set would you want for the 10th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars? {link}
  • Discussion on the new Agents Line
    • Has LEGO begun producing “war toys”?
  • S@H exclusive, 10185 Green Grocer: Picture #1, #2
  • LEGO turning 50 years old Monday
  • What hosts do we use to share our MOCs?
  • Brickshelf, flickr, MOCpages, and YouBrick: What do we think of the above sites?
  • YouTube to share MOCs, now and in the future

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