LAMLradio #16 – BrickArms

In Episode 16 of LAMLradio official spokesman of Brickarms, the enigma that is badger, sits down with me to talk about the history of BrickArms, the future of the company, and much more.

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  • So, just who is “the enigma that is badger”?
  • What’s the history behind BrickArms?
  • What’s coming up for BrickArms?
  • How did Will enjoy Northwest BrickCon 2007?
  • Will Brick Arms keep selling minifigs?
  • Where will BrickArms be found in 2008?
  • If someone has a request…
  • Does BrickArms stick to the military theme?

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7 Responses to LAMLradio #16 – BrickArms

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  2. bman says:

    i wish he had a desert eagle to make

  3. austin says:

    brick arms should make a lego ppsh-41/m1browing/type100/type99/kar98bayonet/MG41/stg44/m16gernader/tarists/bar.

  4. Joey says:

    “Hey dad, we should make our own weapons” – Ian Chapman, 2008

  5. mucoch says:

    i wish they would make more custom lego figs and mabye some lego gear like kavalar but thats why i like TM cuse the have i biger beter vority.

  6. mucoch says:

    sorry i mean minifigworld not lifelol

  7. fluffybunny says:

    ya minifigworld is GREAT has custom figs too

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