LAMLradio #17 – LEGO News February 3rd

In Episode 17 of LAMLradio, Andrew Becraft (a.ka. Dunechaser), admin of The Brothers Brick, joins me to talk about the latest in the LEGO world. From how far LEGO can reach and the latest Star Wars and Indian Jones set news.

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3 Responses to LAMLradio #17 – LEGO News February 3rd

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  2. JPCJedi says:

    While the letter of the law provides that copyright is awarded once a design is fixed in a picture or in words, the law does not perfectly fit the nature of the MOC-ing community. In terms of the B’omarr monk, I think it’s only a coincidence. But, consider SNOT styling. When hinge bricks were used in Studs Not On Top technique in the new B-wing, somebody said they’d expect to see that style in a UCS MOC, not an official set. Does this mean TLC owes a royalty to whichever influential AFOL discovered SNOT technique? The letter of the law would say yes, but logic says wait a minute.

    Take this in the other direction and you’d end up with a LEGO Company and master builders who could never learn from their fans, and fans who could never learn from each other. SNOT is not a copyrighted trade secret–it’s an artistic IDIOM. So when familiar techniques end up in official sets, the Company is not violating somebody’s copyright, but instead is reflecting the culture of its fans.

  3. JPCJedi says:

    By the way, let me clarify: I agree that the owner of BrickTestament had every right to pull his picture, as the LEGO company had posted his picture in a commercial context without attribution. I was pleased with the way Mr. Smith responded on Lugnet as well.

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