LAMLradio #18 – LEGO and the Blogosphere

In Episode 18 of LAMLradio I continue my conversation with Andrew Becraft (a.k.a. Dunechaser). We turn to talking about what is up in the LEGO blogosphere and what might be coming down. From his own blog to the blogs that talk about our hobby, we try to cover it all.

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6 Responses to LAMLradio #18 – LEGO and the Blogosphere

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  2. TheQ says:

    James, you are missing the third MOC link that you mentioned after Sean’s cake. Was it a card?

  3. RobinHoodsta says:

    Loved the end you added with the Weekly MoC! Glad to see you used my advice! Keep up the good work!

    RobinHoodsta / Casey

  4. TheQ, your right, I forgot to add Steven Marshall’s Pushchair. Now fixed.

    Casey, yes that certainly was inspired by your suggestion. Thanks! But I was under the impression you wanted interviews with the builders? Either way I do want to get back to interviewing the builders. Its been awhile since we did that…

  5. bruce says:

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to publicly thank you for the kind words about my two blogs, VignetteBricks and Microbricks. I know things were pretty dead there for a while, but I’ve averaged about a post a day for the last month.


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