LAMLradio #22 – LEGO News For February 17th

In Episode #22 I’m joined by Jon Palmer and Aaron Andrews (DARKspawn was late, I might add :P) to talk about the latest in the LEGO world. From the train magazine we don’t care about to the surprising news that 20% of LEGO’s gross income is from adults. After that we discuss the uselessness of the New York Toy Fair.

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2 Responses to LAMLradio #22 – LEGO News For February 17th

  1. TheQ says:

    Commenting about the “20%”:

    Let’s crunch numbers: The same news from TechnicBricks states that the total number of the LEGO income is 229 000 000 euros. Me and John Langrish, the famous J1A3L5, counted the approsimate number of AFOLs around the globe. I would state it is 30.000, John thought it was too large.

    Still, if the total number is 30.000, the amount of money AFOLs bring is 1,145 million. That turns out around 38.000 euros per single adult. Hopefully we have more than 30.000 fans 😉

  2. bruce says:

    Five or so years ago, Toy Fair was still pretty exciting. Occasionally the names of new sets had been leaked (often because they’d be posted in some store’s catalog), but we still were waiting for pictures. In the last few years, though, we’ve usually seen all of the sets by the time Toy Fair rolls around, either through official releases or leaks. For instance, [url=]this thread on Classic-Castle[/url] tracks the roll-out of information about the Indiana Jones line. However, often times we still don’t get to see good detailed pics until Toy Fair. For instance, [url=]this thread on CC[/url] notes that this is the first real close-up picture we got of the new hairpieces and those odd transparent gorilla skeleton heads from the upcoming Indy sets.

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