LAMLradio #23 – LEGO News For February 24th

In Episode #23 I’m joined by Matt Forcum of and Andrew Becraft of The Brothers Brick. We do the LEGO news and than talk about why we love the minifig.

Topic: Why We Love The Minifig

  • Reasons why
  • What’s different between minifigs and action figures?
  • Is the minifig “sacred”? Are there/should there be limits with what you do to it?
  • Do custom parts (decals, models, non-LEGO parts) take away from the “charm” of the minifig?

MOCs of the Week
Rocko’s Bridge BattleTwo BuffaloBN GP9

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5 Responses to LAMLradio #23 – LEGO News For February 24th

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  2. JPCJedi says:

    I’d like to agree with and reiterate some of the reasons we love the minifig:

    I love the minifig because LEGO minifigs are the perfectly interchangeable toy. Whereas action figures might be slightly different sizes and never fit in each other’s tanks or planes, LEGO minifigs always match each other, and they always match the other minifig’s vehicles.

    With Star Wars sets it became possible to see your favorite heroes as minifigs, and now the interchangeability was multiplied. Minifigs are better than action figures because once you have your hero minifig (through a LEGO set or customization), that minifig fits in with every other LEGO brick in the universe, every LEGO house and airplane in your collection.

    So the collecting potential grows and grows with each unique minifig element, and the minifigs will always be redeemed by the bricks they call home. And it is icing on the cake that minifigs are aesthetically comforting with their ridiculously simple smilie faces and stubby, oh-so-adorable design.

  3. All good points. But I guess the next question would be, if minifigs are so much better than action figures, why are action figures so popular?

  4. William Meitzler says:

    Because action figures are more widely distributed (More vendors). Also, let’s admit it, LEGO is expensive and consideres a ‘children’s toy’.

  5. Lego will always be very popular. it is one of our best sellers

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