LAMLradio #26 – LEGO Halo and Other News

In Episode #26 of LAMLradio Nannan Z. and Mike Huffman join me to talk about the latest in LEGO “news”. From an article on LEGO Halo: The Video Game to a man stealing $42,000 in LEGO Star Wars. And of course we have our MOCs of the Week.

Could LEGO Halo be coming out?

LEGO Halo?
New Space Line
Indiana Jones Set via BrickMaster
LEGO Universe and Indiana Jones Images
Man Steals $42K In LEGO

MOCs of the Week
Now THAT is Black FantasyPost-Apocalyptic DiorrheaWestern Saloon

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  2. who knows says:

    its actually an april fools joke, it is from an april fools issue of a magazine.

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