LAMLradio #29 – LEGO News for March 23rd

In Episode #29 of LAMLradio I quickly run down the latest in LEGO news, all by myself. And I also give my pick for MOC of the Week.

New Parts Packs
Disney’s Mini Sites
-Box Art for the New Space Line
Star JusticeSpace Skulls

MOC of the Week
Tim Goddard’s Madness

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3 Responses to LAMLradio #29 – LEGO News for March 23rd

  1. William Meitzler says:

    You asked for suggestions on new topics. As a thouroghly addicted listener I love the show but it seems to avoid my two major fields which are TECHNIC and MINDSTORMS (NXT and RIS. Try people like Steve Hassenplug or Brian Davis for an interview. Oh, and I keep my NXT- relevant LEGO in a large rolling toolbox with the rest in the process of being sorted into a craft organizer. BRICK ON!

  2. Actually, I have an interview lined up for this week with a TECHNIC builder. So I’m slowly getting around to it. And as I know nothing about MINDSTORMS, the names you gave will be invaluable.


  3. William Meitzler says:

    Cool, can’t wait!

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