LAMLradio #30 – TechnicBRICKs

In Episode #30 of LAMLradio I talk with Fernando Correia about his TECHNIC themed blog, TechnicBRICKs. We get into some of the history behind his blog, talk about Technic in general, and how strong the LEGO community in Portugal is.

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-An introduction to Fernando
-What his blog is all about
-Why he likes building in the TECHNIC theme
-A little bit about the LEGO community in Portugal (PLUG)

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3 Responses to LAMLradio #30 – TechnicBRICKs

  1. William Meitzler says:

    Yay! MINDSTORMS next!

  2. Actually, I think we skipped Belville…

  3. Mastergongfu says:

    Belville!!! Omg I can’t wait.

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