LAMLradio #33 – LEGO News for April 6th

In Episode #33 of LAMLradio I talk with Andrew Becraft and Josh Wedin about the latest in the LEGO world. Jill Wilfert talks about licenses, launches Ask a Designer, and iPick-a-Brick hits the web. After we discuss April Fool’s and give our MOCs of the Week.

Jill Wilfert on Licensing
Ask a Designer

A recap of April Fool’s 2008. We talk about gags from Classic-Space, BZPower, Classic-Castle, EGM, and the Brothers Brick.

MOCs of the Week
Family ReunionHow Do You Kill a Mûmakill?Cross Sections of the Siege

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3 Responses to LAMLradio #33 – LEGO News for April 6th

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  2. bruce says:


    You mentioned last year’s April Fools gag on Classic-Castle. We’ve archived the page here. Ben did the graphics and I came up with the news articles. It was a fun challenge to come up with fairly legitimate articles that fell into the Clickits theme. I’d been meaning to highlight Megan’s dragons (that use Clickits as decorative elements) anyway, so this was a great excuse. In 2006 we posted an article about Lenny Hoffmann getting arrested for breaking his LEGO Ambassador NDA. The space themed front page was in 2005. In 2004 it was a news story about the rerelease of some classic Castle sets as Legends.

    Also, not from Classic-Castle, but years ago someone put out a “leaked photo” of a new set that was a castle-themed bucket, full of figs, specialized pieces, and gray bricks. I don’t remember if that hoax went up on April 1 or not.


  3. James says:

    Was the Space gag really done in 2005? How time flies…

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