LAMLradio #34 – LEGO News for April 13th

In Episode #34 of LAMLradio myself and Mike Huffman talk about the latest in LEGO news. From the newest sets being released to the new minifig parts from BrickArms. We cover it all!

New Star Wars Set
Indiana Jones Toys R Us Exclusive
New Brick Master Sets
New Parts at LEGO Factory
New BrickArms Pieces

MOCs of the Week
AnnexationMystery Machine

Side Topic
The art of building scaled up bricks and how I totally missed it.

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7 Responses to LAMLradio #34 – LEGO News for April 13th

  1. Dan says:

    I’m surprised that you hadn’t heard of scaling-up bricks before. There’s a whole blog about it out there ( ), and you’ve interviewed an author that included instructions for 4x bricks in his book.

    Personally, I’ve never used round bricks for the tops of mine, but I’ve tried out some of the popular scales (3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 12x) and I’ve learned to love the manufactured larger bricks too (yes, even the ridiculous and incompatible preschool bricks from the 1960’s).

    I know I’ve been busy lately to the point of having trouble keeping my own site up to date, but send me an e-mail one of these days when you need a guest – I’d be happy to give the podcast thing a shot. I’m not much of a talker but I always have a lot to say about LEGO.

  2. James says:

    You know I’m convinced I’ve seen that blog before Mike mentioned it on the show. I think I even talked about it in the show done about the blogosphere but edited it out. I guess I just wasn’t aware that people rebuilt the bricks in larger sizes…

  3. bruce says:


    I was going to link you to the “Scaled-up LEGO Bricks” blog, but Dan beat me to it. LEGO has also gotten into the scaled up idea with set 3723, the minifig sculpture:
    One other quick note from this podcast, set 7624, Jungle Duel (the Indiana Jones set with the tent) is not an exclusive. It was on display at Toyfair with the other sets from the Crystal Skull movie.
    As a castle guy, I’m excited about this set, as it has four different types of edged weapons in colors that are new to me (gold katana, cutlass and short sword in blays, dagger). There is some question about the dagger – some pictures show it in chrome, but others show it in dark blay, which hasn’t been done before. Also those new hairpieces look really good, so this will be a cheap way to get those.


  4. Will Meitzler says:

    Sorry to hear about your lazieness- you sound like a stupid High-School Student! (Said the dumb Freshman) Anyway, here’s a potntial discussion topic for next week. A little old (Oct. 2007) but extremely pressing. Try getting a LEGO Ambassador for this one.
    Here’s the forum:
    Can’t wait for #35!

  5. James says:

    A stupid High-School Student who had just finished two hours of running after a soccer ball! I was sore and lazy.

    Thanks for the tip. Most interesting…

  6. Daggarin says:

    I thought that you would have a bit more feedback posted but anyway, great blog.

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