LAMLradio #37 – LEGO News for April 27th

In Episode #37 of LAMLradio I am joined by Aaron Andrews and Matt Forcum to discuss the latest in the LEGO world. From the price of the new chess set to the drop in LEGO quality.

Castle Chess Set Update
Star Justice and Space Skulls Available from Shop@Home
-New Blog, MinilandBricks


Is LEGO dropping in quality?
Past and current examples: Cafe Corner and Knights Bus (colour problems) – Millennium Falcon (wrong torso on Snowtrooper)

MOCs of the Week
Type-D9Miss Modular and Shrimp SaladMesa 6 Standoff

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15 Responses to LAMLradio #37 – LEGO News for April 27th

  1. Jack says:

    I love this show and can you cover

  2. Will Meitzler says:

    Where’d the LEGO song go?!

  3. James says:

    Jack, I’d suggest you have a listen to The BrickCast. Which has covered and I am sure will do so again. Just click the link up on the top bar.

    Will, the song has bee removed for now while I figure a couple things out. As I said in the episode, I have been talking with someone from LEGO who expressed concerns about possible legal issues. So for now consider it gone.

    But I’d love ideas for a new intro!

  4. Love the show, I think you need to interview the builders more as this would be of great interest for the listener. Things like why we chose the theme we build in, bricks we use most, colours, influence of other builders on are work, and where we think we are in the Lego community to other builders. Thanks for your time Steve

  5. Where is the moc of the week tool bar?


  6. James says:

    Good question Ryan. I’ve updated the show notes to include the MOCs of the week, along with a few other links.

  7. Will Meitzler says:

    I like the links to past&present quality issues- I didn’t know about the Falcon or the Knight Bus having issues. What exactly was wrong with them?

  8. bruce says:

    Several people complained that there was a lot of color variation in the purple on the Knight Bus. This was really annoying as this was one of the few places to accumulate a lot of special elements in purple.
    Here are some links:

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  10. Todd says:

    I continue to really enjoy these podcasts. Interesting subject matter, good guests, good length, also enjoy the MOC of the week discussion. Thanks for your work.

    As for a new theme song, maybe you could use a few seconds each episode of a famous or not-so-famous “brick” song, ie Pink Floyd – Brick in the Wall, E John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, etc.

    BTW, another poster asked this question and I’m curious as well. What were the quality concerns with the Ultimate Millenium Falcon.

  11. James says:

    Will and Todd, the 4504 set had a Clone Trooper’s torso in place of a Snowtrooper’s. This doesn’t have anything to do with colour or size of bricks, but I felt it was worth mentioning. It ticked a huge amount of people off at the time.

    Apparently the problem was solved for the special edition release.

  12. Lady of House of Move says:

    I think you should have a podcast with the topic of Women behind the LEGO fanatic…why dont they have more LEGO for women? Id love to have a couple sets to work on while my man masterminds his LEGO art. Just putting in my thoughts…great podcast! I learn something new every day!

  13. Eric Walther says:

    Love this podcast! At first I just downloaded a few episodes on subjects I was interested in but now I listen to each new one for the news and to hear about lego themes that i might not otherwise investigate (bionicle for one). As an AFOL with no other AFOLs that i know personally I look to the web for new building ideas and outlooks on building. Love the MOC of the week and appreciate the links to them. I also enjoy the interviews with others involved in the online Lego community. Keep up the good work.

  14. LegoLord331 says:

    I found a black megablok 1×4 plate in the Jungle Cutter
    just thought to warn people.

  15. JPCJedi says:

    The mistake in the 4504 Falcon was not a clone trooper, but a clone trooper torso underneath an authentic snow trooper helmet. This was a mistake in the blue box early edition of the 4504, and Bricklink even catalogs the incorrect snow trooper separately. You can see it here, bottom of the 3rd paragraph:

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