LAMLradio #39 – A Step Into NXT

In Episode #39 we take “a step” into the NXT theme with Jim Kelly and Fay Rhodes, both contributors at the NXT Step blog. We talk about their background in building, how NXT builders share their MOCs online, what happens at robotic competitions, and much more.

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NXT Competition:
First Lego League Video ArchivesNASA Coverage

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3 Responses to LAMLradio #39 – A Step Into NXT

  1. LegoLord331 says:

    Can I get a link to the dacta/Educational set please.

  2. James says:

    I believe this is the link your looking for:

  3. Bill Ward says:

    The one thing that really struck me about this interview was the way the guests kept talking as if only children built using NXT. I think it would be interesting to try to get more of an AFOM (Adult Fan of Mindstorms) perspective. Otherwise, it was a good interview and I enjoyed hearing from the NXT perspective. For my part, I have both old and new Mindstorms but haven’t managed to do anything with them. Maybe it’s because I write software for my day job, or maybe I am just more comfortable with basic bricks?

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