LAMLradio #4 – BrickForge

In episode four of LAMLradio I talk with Armothe about how he builds, what he builds, and his and RedBean’s minifig customization business, “BrickForge”

  • “Armothe” aka Kyle Peterson: BrickshelfFlickr
  • What sites does Kyle visit?
  • What themes does he build in?
  • Has Armothe gone through any dark ages?
  • How did BrickForge get started and why?
  • What themes does BrickForge work in?
  • Does BrickForge take requests?
  • What’s next for RedBean and Armothe?

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4 Responses to LAMLradio #4 – BrickForge

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  2. Mkcllns93 says:

    This podcast is awesome guys, I congradulate you. I discovered this when I was on I went to this page and I instantly signed up. You have really interesting interviews, I like the one on BrickForge. Again, good job guys!

  3. Bonaparte says:

    Oh help, this interview doesn’t work anymore. Can it be fixed?

  4. hija100 says:

    it dosent work with some of then i dont no if it can be fixed

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