LAMLradio #40 – LEGO News For May 11th

In Episode #40 of LAMLradio I run down the latest in the LEGO world. From the newest Mars Mission sets to more Indiana Jones news, its all covered here.

-New sets up on Brickshelf and Shop@Home (I might have missed a few of these…):
764576487649 38328295
Vote for a 2009 Star Wars Set
Next Episode of Indiana Jones Mini film
New Record for Tallest Tower
5 Billion?
How To Love A LEGO Lunatic

MOC of the Week
Tony Hafhead’s LV-16p

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12 Responses to LAMLradio #40 – LEGO News For May 11th

  1. Will says:

    Hey, the big 4-0! Congrats LAMLradio!

    First post!


  2. JPCJedi says:

    I love the format, editing, and sound effects on this episode. Short n’ sweet. Congrats on the 4-0.

    I’m assuming the “5 billion” number was referring to the number of individual LEGO bricks used daily, not the children using them. Don’t you just love cramming things one sentence? 😛

  3. Will says:

    I think the 5b refers to colloetive hours played with LEGO.

  4. Magnus says:

    Hmm, this one plays too fast – chipmunk style.

  5. James says:

    Chipmunk style? Try downloading it, if that doesn’t work for you I have no idea what is wrong…

  6. Junsier says:

    It plays “chipmunks style” in the player, but downloaded it runs fine.

  7. Bill Ward says:

    Congrats on the 40th, and I love the changes… the rustling bricks sound effect is a great way to make transitions, and I’m glad you started identifying yourself by name. The new music is pretty cool… are there many songs about LEGO? Maybe having different music in different episodes could be fun.

    About the MOC of the week – I really like the cockpit windows; using that part in a SNOT configuration as he did was pretty unique and clever, and I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Reminds me of a 1970’s sci-fi movie esthetic. I agree with your comment about the wheels, and I’d add that it fails to overcome a problem I’ve always had with LEGO’s space land vehicles – the ground clearance issues. Unless there are paved roads on Mars, you’re going to need much better ground clearance than that, and you’re going to need a better suspension too… I’m not sure this is really a Mars Mission MOC though, despite the color scheme. Also, I’m glad you mentioned how you found the MOC of the Week, but which RSS feed? Was it just the “lego” tag feed, or do you track particular groups or authors?

    I think the “5 billion” refers to the number of hours spent building, but it’s really unclear and badly phrased in my opinion. My guess is the text was originally longer, and the editor “tightened it up” by combining two or more sentences, losing some of the meaning in the process. It’s a common editorial mistake: since the editor has read the full text, it isn’t always obvious that the edited text no longer makes sense the way the original did.

  8. Matt says:

    You voted for the wrong set. The Mon Calamari Cruiser is the one to go for. An Admiral Akbar Set is a must!

  9. James says:

    Matt, I don’t want a fish for a minifig, thank you very much!

    Bill, yes there are many LEGO songs that have been made, but many of them by the LEGO company and I asked for permission to play those, but was turned down. And I realize my explanation on where I found the MOC was VERY rushed, I’m still trying to get into the habit of giving that info (and asking the quests for it).

  10. Will says:

    You don’t want a fish minifig yet love the Spongebob line. You hypocrite! 😉

  11. James says:

    OK, let me restate that. I don’t want a bloody (as in red running down his face) fish who is nothing more than some ex-criminal who joined a terrorist group and bombed a government building!

  12. Spongebo and Patrick are really great characters. love them.”,~

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