LAMLradio #41 – LEGO News For May 18th

In Episode #41 of LAMLradio myself and Aaron Andrews take a look at all the latest LEGO news, from the Clone Wars minifigs to the new Indiana Jones Demo game. In the MOCs of the Week segment Mark Kelso joins us to talk about his amazing creation.

Top of the Show
-Motivation, what’s the spark?
A MegaBloks piece in a LEGO set?

Clone Wars Minifigs
Indiana Jones Demo Now Out
-Indiana Jones Peril in Peru moving outside of Japan?

MOCs of the Week
Mark Kelso on Apocalypsis: A Journey Inward
Gryhnt Piro by Remyth

Sharing your hobby with others. I think I go a little emo on you guys, whoops. How’d that happen?

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7 Responses to LAMLradio #41 – LEGO News For May 18th

  1. JPCJedi says:

    On the “emo” tangent:

    James, you said “You as an adult, you’re allowed to do anything you want.” This makes sense to me on two levels: First, you’re literally correct, because once people hit the real world, work feels so different from school and has such more confined goals that it’s okay to be weird on the weekends. (I’ve recently finished a degree, so I’m trying to see this from in between the two sides.) Secondly, I think that, when you’re in school as opposed to just working, you’re both accustomed to–and instinctively trying to–prove yourself, so we lend undue emphasis to the approval of others.

    I’ve never tried to get a friend into LEGO or really let people know I’m an AFOL outside of the internet. (I’m 23, so I’m a barely AdultFOL.) But this privacy is also there for the same reason that I post images sparingly. Improvisation is 90% garbage, and only the best can withstand the discerning eyes on this internet. On rare occasions when I’m exceptionally proud of my work–say applying decals from Kam or building a minifig-scale house–then I may share them with friends and family, because LEGO MOCs have real-world conversation value and relevance once they achieve a certain audacity and cleanliness.

  2. Ben Kauffman says:

    My family has given me a lot of support as I build my MOCs, well, it’s actually usually after I’ve built them that I’ll go show it to them and they’ll usually have a suggestion or two ready to give. It’s great to know that there are people behind me supporting what I do, I recommend that others try showing their MOCs to their family also. Thanks again/as always for putting these podcasts together James; I enjoy listening to it 🙂

  3. Will says:

    A great comic on the sublect of teens & LEGO can be found at
    by Greg Hyland who draws for TLG. Comic #s 4 and 5.

  4. James says:

    @JPCJedi, I think your point about the quality of MOCs is a good one and I think Aaron touched on it as well. No one’s going to accuse, or even think, your wasting your time on some kids toy if the MOCs cause people to ask “is that LEGO?” But as I don’t even feel comfortable posting half my work online, I sure ain’t going to jump up and down to show my stuff offline.

    Awesome comic there Will, I had a very good laugh reading it!

    I think in the future, I need to post the topic [i]before[/i] I record so I can get your thoughts on the show…

  5. Ben Kauffman says:

    Thanks so much for posting that Will, it’s great! 🙂

  6. Will says:

    Yeah, I got an AUTOGRAPHED copy at Brickworld last year- don’t forget to check out the rest of the comics. I really like the MINDSTORMS ones and the last two are priceless (I live it daily with my goof-off “LEGOS!” mom)

  7. LegoLord331 says:

    Every bag in the set was mint from the factory and the bags weren’t opened.


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