LAMLradio #44 – Bryan Bonahoom on Brickworld

In Episode #44 of LAMLradio Mike Huffman interviews Bryan Bonahoom about the upcoming LEGO convention, BrickWorld 2008. BrickWorld takes place June 19-22 at the Westin Hotel in the suburbs of Chicago. Mike gets Bryan to talk about how BrickWorld started, what last years event was like, what this coming year will hold, and much more.

Bryan Bonahoom

-What’s Bryan’s background in LEGO
-How did BrickWorld first start
-What is Bryan’s job this year
-Will the LEGO company have a presence at the event
-How many clubs/themes will be present

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2 Responses to LAMLradio #44 – Bryan Bonahoom on Brickworld

  1. Will says:

    I was there last year and CAN”T WAIT for this year. Wish I had the time and $$ to register. How early do I need to get there to get a nametag?

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