LAMLradio #48 – LEGO News for July 6th

In Episode #48 of LAMLradio Aaron Andrews (aka DARKspawn) joins me to talk about all the LEGO news that was made in the past week. We also name our MOCs of the Week.

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The return of pirates?
LEGO City 2010
CBC Article on LEGO
LEGO Universe Logo
LEGO to stop outsourcing?
Workers prepare for lay-offs

MOCs of the Week
Well SurpirseMounted Nidorian

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3 Responses to LAMLradio #48 – LEGO News for July 6th

  1. Sweet, you listened to my e-mail. Aaron rocks. So, Rocko won’t come on the show again? That’s dissapointing cause he’s one of my favorite builders.

  2. LegoLord331 says:

    Cool an unedited episode.

  3. James says:

    Yeah, unedited. Now you will learn the truth… 😉

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