LAMLradio #49 – Eurobricks

In Episode #49 of LAMLradio Mark Larson (aka Hinckley) joins us as we take a look at the website Eurobricks. We talk about the website’s history, its future, and what its relation with The LEGO Group is like.

-A little about Mark
-How/why was Eurobricks started?
-What can people find there now?
-Has LEGO ever contacted the site about leaked images?
-What is in the future for EuroBricks?

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2 Responses to LAMLradio #49 – Eurobricks

  1. I have a question that I’ve been meaning to ask for a while. What is that sound that’s at the end of each podcast?

  2. James says:

    I figured it wouldn’t be a proper podcast if there wasn’t some really cheesy sound effect thrown in. So at the end of each episode I just throw myself saying “Brick On” in.

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