LAMLradio #53 – Advent Calendar and Dollhouse

In Episode #53 of LAMLradio Matt Forcum and Mike Huffman join me to talk about the recent LEGO news. We also interview Heather (aka LEGOgirl on flickr) about her latest MOC, the dollhouse. Of the news topics the 7979 Castle Advent Calendar gets the most discussion.

-Castle Advent Calender Update (still no update)
-Contest for the Calender from Brick Horizon
Happy Meal Batman
LEGO Windmill on sale on ebay

MOCs of the Week
Heather “LEGOgirl” on her dollhouse
Ralph Savelsberg’s Swordfish

Be sure to let me know how you sort your LEGO!

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7 Responses to LAMLradio #53 – Advent Calendar and Dollhouse

  1. LegoLord331 says:

    I use office max drawers.

  2. Will says:

    Rolling toolbox with craftorganmnizers and another bank of drawrs for stuff that doesn’t fit in the toolbox.
    Another somewhat more probing question- how much do you pay for your organization system? If nothing, how did you get it?

  3. donney says:

    i use plastic drawers for sorting, like one drawer for red bricks, one for gree, on for minifigures, and so on.

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