LAMLradio #54 – Sorting LEGO (Part I)

Episode #54 is the second half of what was recorded for Episode #53. In this episode Mike Huffman and Matt Forcum join James to talk about sorting LEGO bricks (or is it legos?). We all go over the current setup that we have and discuss some of the issues that we face.
Vignette by Ben Kauffman

How do you sort your LEGO? Let me know in the blog or email

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3 Responses to LAMLradio #54 – Sorting LEGO (Part I)

  1. Todd_Holaday says:

    Sorting – I know I’m a sick man but I do enjoy sorting and I think I have a good system. I do all the common parts by color and the unusual parts – chains, odd brackets, grills, minifig utensils, etc not by color. I like clear Planar boxes that have adjustable section dividers. So I can keep the 1×1 blacks from the 1×2’s, etc. The best box is about 12 x 16 x 1″deep. I think the Planar model # is 3770. By sorting this way, I more easily know what part of my collection I want to expand via B-link. Dark Green for example. It makes for more effecient shopping. So when I’m buying some particular pieces for MOC’s I browse the odd colors and pieces to stock up on them and save on shipping. Sorry for the long comment.

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