LAMLradio #66 – Sariel

In Episode #66 LAMLradio interviews Sariel, TECHNIC Builder and a member of LEGO Power Functions Group. We talk about his views on TECHNIC, how he is involved with the Polish LEGO community, and much more.


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6 Responses to LAMLradio #66 – Sariel

  1. MrFresh says:

    James and Aaron…
    That was a great show, specifically because I am also a Technic fan. Though the small amout of Technic kits I’ve built are from the 80’s and mid-90s, it was interesting to hear Sariel’s feeling about how the new 2009 Technic kits are pretty much without standard bricks now.


  2. TheQ says:

    That was a real treat, James. Thanks.

    What happened in the start? It sounded like the same piece started three times?

    Doug: I thought TECHNIC sets have been without TECHNIC bricks for a long time? That movement started around 10 years ago when the number of TECHNIC beams dramatically increased and by the year 2000 (by the looks of the set images anyway) bricks were nowhere to be sen.

    Shame really, I prefed bricks over beams =(


  3. Sariel says:

    Well, my Dark Age happened just when the change from bricks to liftarm started 🙂 I quit building when bricks were in common use, and came back when liftarms replaced bricks almost completely.
    Thanks for your interest James, I’ve really enjoyed the interview.

  4. James says:

    TheQ, your right about the start. I had been testing stuff out in the previous episode but ended up not doing what I had planned. Apparently that wasn’t deleted and I used it for this episode, whoops!

    Sariel, as someone who knows very little about Technic, it was fascinating. 🙂

  5. Hi Paul,

    very nice to hear your interview here at LAML, and know about you thougths regarding LEGO TECHNIC.
    Keep the good work, and hope you could help to make PF even better over time!


  6. Jacob says:

    Like Q said, that was a real treat. Thanks for interviewing such a prominent Technic builder! But I have to wonder- could you have maybe picked a better picture? P:

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