LAMLradio #71 – Steve Witt

Steve Witt is the LEGO Community Relations Coordinator. Don’t know what a Community Relations Coordinator is or does? Listen to Episode #71 of LAMLradio for the answers to this and much more.
Image by speaknspell

-What does Steve do?
-Does Steve have a favorite theme?
-What will the Ambassador program look like in 2009?
-A LEGO Universe update


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6 Responses to LAMLradio #71 – Steve Witt

  1. Brickapolis says:

    It is rather convenient that I am the Admin and creator of Steve Witt is Awesome (the Flickr group)

    Add you Steve Witt photos to the pool today!

  2. Matt says:

    Great episode! Great interview. If you have him back, I would be really curious to know what LEGO thinks of Bricklink. I imagine they are not overly thrilled with it, but it has got to generate alot of sales of sets for the company. The sellers have got to get their parts from somewhere right? It can’t all be from the used market.

  3. donney says:

    its kind of a let down that no more Harry Potter sets will be released 🙁

  4. Justin says:

    The first time I heard that you had put back on the old theme; The first thing I thought of was that you were not going to get that interview with Steve Witt. I couldn’t have been more surprised when I opened up your site and saw that you had actually got an interview with him.

  5. I realize this isn’t representative of the company’s stand, but when I went to my local Lego store one time, the employee who rung me up at the register, correctly assuming that I was an AFOL in the know, asked me for advice on buying from Bricklink. He had placed an order and hadn’t gotten an invoice, and was getting worried.

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