LAMLradio #74 – Return of the Fridge

James is joined by Aaron and Dan to talk about the latest in the LEGO world. From new Star Wars sets to rumors of LEGO Rock Band. Also, plans for Indiana Jones fridge move close to fulfillment…


-2008 in review feedback
-100th episode (including August interviews)
-Highlight and lowlight clip
-“LEGO – Top rating images” flickr group discussion

First Space Police images
8039 venator-class star destroyer
Count Dooku Solar Sailer appears at Toys ‘R Us
LEGO Rock Band rumored for 2009 (you have to be kidding me!)
-MOC Pages 2009, what do we think?

MOCs of the Week

A sample of Dan’s Music (find out more)

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8 Responses to LAMLradio #74 – Return of the Fridge

  1. sgt stickey says:

    The link to the podcast is not working.

  2. James says:

    Ah, sorry about that and thanks for letting me know. It was a stupid text formatting error…

  3. LegoLord331 says:

    do you know If you need to register

  4. James says:

    Register for what?

  5. James says:

    I asked Dan:

    “For people who want to see the show, no, but if somebody wants to bring stuff to show, they need to get on the NCLUG mailing list and make their plans known ASAP (perhaps sooner – I don’t know if the new table skirting has been ordered yet or not). The NCLUG site is

    The exact time and location are mentioned on the NCLUG site too – I don’t know if we mentioned it, but it is free to attend.”

  6. James says:

    Not sure about an email, but they do have Yahoo group if you want more info:

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