LAMLradio #75 – Keith Goldman

In Episode #75 of LAMLradio Aaron Andrews interviews legend MOC builder Keith Goldman. Aaron probes into Keith’s LEGO background and asks about his views on dark ages, current LEGO sets, and James.


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7 Responses to LAMLradio #75 – Keith Goldman

  1. Nannan says:

    Precious, absolutely precious. I enjoyed every minute of it.

  2. Great interview, pretty funny, and especially after one’s been up all night tinkering

  3. Mark Kelso says:

    Typical Goldman…10% Lego, 90% ego. So is this clown available for birthdays or bar mitzvahs?

  4. DARKspawn says:

    This interview was great fun, glad you enjoyed it guys =)

  5. ry says:

    Keith, you can call me out in public anytime. I like it rough.

  6. Eric Sophie says:

    That was enjoyable. But only in a way Charles Bronson’s Mother could love.

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