LAMLradio #77 – Aaron in a Hole

Last week Aaron was in a box, this week James hands him a shovel and he starts digging a nice hole for himself! We discuss leaked images, LEGO contests, conventions, and wrap up the “civility on the internet” topic.


Surprise! The Sun now is in favor of LEGO violence
Colossal Castle Contest VI Wrap Up
Custom Clone Wars contest
Brickvention 2009 done and dusted

MOCs of the Week

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5 Responses to LAMLradio #77 – Aaron in a Hole

  1. Magnus says:

    Nice talk this week, guys. In my experience, the best way for online communities to get along is if people all try not to offend each other, and also try not to go looking for opportunities to be offended by each other.

    With so many strong personalities and egos, it is inevitable that we sometimes clash, but so long as the focus is on the brick and the MOCs for the most part, I think we should do just fine.


  2. Brickapolis says:

    I noticed that James was fuzzy in this recording while Aaron was crystal clear. Is Aaron recording the shows now? What’s up?

    It was a great show though. I really enjoyed it.

  3. James says:

    I have been having problems on my end of late. This should be a one time thing.

  4. Hey guys…

    Just wanted to say thanks for the MOC of the week feature. Much appreciated.

    And good show too.


  5. Eric Sophie says:

    Interesting edition. I was curious and listend to the whole show. I found many of the things that were talked about very interesting.

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