LAMLradio #78 – Aliencat and the Job Mullers

In Episode #78 of LAMLradio James interviews Aliencat about his LEGO creations and the contest he is helping to run, the Job Mullers contest.


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4 Responses to LAMLradio #78 – Aliencat and the Job Mullers

  1. RichardAM says:

    Great interview- AC’s MOCs are invariably brilliant, and the current contest is a lot of fun. It’s a really imaginative variation on the Castle theme.

  2. Aliencat says:

    Haha I just noticed in the beginning, because I didn’t hear you at first, there’s this really dweeby “Hello?” coming out from my side 😀
    That cracked me up, I sort of figured you would cut that out, but no worries, it’s funny 😀

    Thanks again for the interview James!

  3. NewRight says:

    Great interview!
    Inspired me to try my hand at castle.
    On a side note: I would love to see more of the one-minute films you have put together recently.

  4. flamar50 says:

    James! What happened to you? Are you still alive(jk)? You kind of fell back on the regularity of the podcasts…
    But yes, this was a great interview. Go Aliencat!

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