LAMLradio #81 – Saving Daylight

In Episode #81 of LAMLradio, James is joined by Magnus and Aaron to talk about the latest news in the LEGO world. From rumors of a LEGO Hobbit to the flickr 2009 LEGO Military Group Build Contest.


LEGO Hobbit?
New Brickmaster Sets
New LEGO Books
Board Game Images
New BrickForge items
Flickr Military Contest

MOCs of the Week

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7 Responses to LAMLradio #81 – Saving Daylight

  1. flamar50 says:

    AH SWEET!!!! I haven’t listened yet, but I’m glad that you made another! The topic certainly sounds interesting…

  2. castlebuilder100 says:

    LEGO Hobbit sounds amazing. I’m keepin my fingers crossed.

  3. TheQ says:

    James, you seemed to forget the link to the One Ring news item about LEGO Hobbit 😉

  4. Michael says:

    Great episode. Regarding ‘The Twilight’, I picked it up on sale as well. It looked quite ugly (though authentic) before I bought it, but is strangely appealing once I built it. Hoping the same is true of Space Skulls.

  5. flamar50 says:

    Yeah, I hope that that happens, LEGO hobbit, I mean. I’m just sad that the new movie is coming out in 2010…

  6. Very nice! And MOCs of the week were brilliant. Especially SlyOwl’s. I really look foward to the next episode!

  7. flamar50 says:

    Yeah… about the Space Skulls, I went to a R2-D2 build event at a LEGO store, and I saw two Space Skulls sets for $18.99 US dollars, so 80% percent indeed. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to pick any of these up(Or the cash on hand), so I could only drool… 😉

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