LAMLradio #84 – MOCs of the Month

In Episode #84 of LAMLradio James and Aaron run down the two best MOCs of March!


Clone Squad 777
Dwarf Launcher

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5 Responses to LAMLradio #84 – MOCs of the Month

  1. Maegnus says:

    That Dwarf Launcher is incredible! I can’t believe how well he concealed the PF parts and wiring.

  2. Gahh you got me. For the first couple minutes I was like why are the links not working? :p

  3. James,
    I really like the new style or layout of the podcast. Why? Because I usually listen to it on my iPod whilst eating breakfast. And it’s much nicer having the ability to listen to it 3 mornings rather than one. With the old format, yes I could just stop and not have a 40 minute breakfast, but when I start listening to LAMLradio, I HAVE to listen to it all the way through. So I’m a big fan of the new layout and I hope you continue as it is.
    Big thumbs up!


  4. Jacob says:

    Was my comment deleted, or did I not post it properly? Sometimes I do that.

  5. James says:

    Jacob, I believe your comment was made on the post about the Megabloks vs the “laygooos.” I didn’t feel that post was something that should be kept on the blog past April 1st, so I deleted the post. Your comment was an unfortunate victim of that purge.

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