LAMLradio #9 – Plastic Explosives

In Episode 9 of LAMLradio I interview Paul Stintzi about his website, Perhaps Plastic Explosives?, military MOC building, Indiana Jones, and more. I also explain how RSS feeds can save you time.

  • Who is Paul Stintzi?
  • So what exactly is Perhaps Plastic Explosives?
  • What are his plans for the site?
  • Is he into custom weapons?
  • Does he feel LEGO’s current guns are good enough?
  • How you can use RSS feeds to view the newest and greatest MOCs
  • List of LEGO RSS Feeds

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One Response to LAMLradio #9 – Plastic Explosives

  1. Dace says:

    Hooray for PPE?!

    Personally, I like the Indiana Jones line, but I wouldn’t go for a forum dedicated to only Indy.

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