LAMLradio #90 – Mike aka "retinence"

In Episode #90 of LAMLradio I interview Mike, aka “retinence” about his building. We talk about the differences between System and BIONICLE, what his biggest challenge is, and whats next for him.


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8 Responses to LAMLradio #90 – Mike aka "retinence"

  1. TheQ says:

    Did you forget the link to the actual interview again, James? 😉

  2. James says:

    Me forget that? Impossible! 😉

  3. retinence says:

    Hey, thanks for interviewing me. But… uhh… you spelled ‘Retinence’ wrong the second time.

  4. Murphy says:

    It is realy good to hear the podcast again I have missed them, the new Mike is working well.

    One show a week of about 30 mins would be great to hear if you could manage that, as it is something good to look forward to.

    Retinence it is hard to get good staff these days !!


  5. Jason says:

    Don;t usually go in for all that bionicle stuff, but those are some really amazing creations, the Halo Hunter is just WOW. Nice interview James. Got your flow back? Keep it up, awaiting the next one.

  6. flamar50 says:

    Yeah, I have to say that I like the half-hour episodes once a week over the little tiny tidbits spread out over the course of one week.

  7. Murphy says:

    Hi James

    Are you still with us there seams to be a lack of Pod Casts hope everythng is OK

    Half hour shows one a week would be realy good if you can do it please. Realy missing you.

  8. James says:

    The next episode is being uploaded now…

    Not sure if I’ll be able to get back to the one episode a week schedule. School (Grade 12) is starting for me this coming week and it will be my busiest year yet. That as well as pursuing animation/drawing, it will be hard to find time to get an episode out weekly.

    But, I will be trying my best. Hang in!

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