LAMLradio #91 – Daniel Z’s Castle Evolution

In Episode #91 of LAMLradio I talk with castle builder Daniel Z, creator of the Castle Evolution Project.

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4 Responses to LAMLradio #91 – Daniel Z’s Castle Evolution

  1. Luke Chapman says:

    Great show, James. Great to have more of an insight into the workings behind Daniel’s awesome project. I like the fact he was influenced by the way the buildings evolve in AoE – cool game!

  2. Bonaparte says:

    Interesting interview! I’ve been following this project since it first started and it’s one of the most intriguing LEGO projects I’ve ever seen. I like the final stage where the castle became a tourist attraction. Nice work Daniel (of whom I wasn’t aware he was Dutch, which means we speak the same language).


  3. flamar50 says:

    C’mon, James. Another one, PLEASE??

  4. jjr says:

    i cant hear a word he saying lol

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