LAMLradio #92 – BrickCon 2009 and Anthony Sava

In Episode #92 of LAMLradio James is joined by cohosts Aaron Andrews and Matthew “Brickapolis” for a quick look at BrickCon 2009 and the MOCs of the Week. An update on what James and Aaron are doing is given, Bill Ward joins us to talk about his time in Seattle at BrickCon, and Anthony Sava comes on to talk about his latest train model.

BrickCon 2009 panoramic view by V&A Steamworks.
MOCs of the Week

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6 Responses to LAMLradio #92 – BrickCon 2009 and Anthony Sava

  1. zkee says:

    very entertaining again this time around, James. thanks for posting.

    also Anthony’s and Aaron’s remarks about keeping their resp 3yr olds out of LEGOs way were priceless. insantly recogniseable 🙂

    it’s kind of alienating though, being a far away european and hearing, seeing and reading about these massive US brick conventions you guys seem to be having constantly. either it’s me missing all the gooe european stuff, or we just don’t have anything beyond small local conventions.

    anyway: great show again, thanks. I’ll hold on to that “keeping the news items till next week”, and I’m sure lots of other listeners do so too 🙂


  2. Murphy says:

    Great pod cast really enjoyed it keep up the good work James
    Must listen to it again and again
    Thank You

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  4. Bruce N H says:


    There are lots of great conventions in Europe. LEGO World bills itself as the largest LEGO event in the world. There are several big German events – Fanwelt and 1000SteineLand are the most important, but there is usually a gathering in Frechen as well. There are other major fan gatherings in the UK, Italy, Portugal and probably others.


    • Surendra says:

      I suggest King’s Castle by Rocko, all of the Vic Vipers by nnenn, Proudlove’s BSG viper, Harold’s visit by Aaron Andrews, The Pillaging of Neptune’s Noggin Lagoon by Jordan Schwartz.

  5. Bruce N H says:

    Oh, I forgot to include: LEGO World is held in the Netherlands.

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