LAMLradio #95 – MOCs of 2009 (3 weeks late!)

We are back! And beyond that, we’re three weeks late for our “Year in Review” show. Yes, this is the LAMLradio you know (and likely loath)! I’m joined by Aaron Andrews to take a look back at some of the best MOCs of 2009. You won’t be happy with our picks, but you might enjoy them.









Star Wars



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8 Responses to LAMLradio #95 – MOCs of 2009 (3 weeks late!)

  1. Murphy says:

    Thank you James and Aaron for a fantasic start for a new year.
    Looking forward for more, more, and more.
    The range and standard of the builds really shows how diverse
    Lego is and the skills of the builders.

    (The presenter are no too bad also)


  2. will heron says:

    great show guys. thanks for putting it up. don’t let it be so long ’til the next one!

  3. TheQ says:

    James, darn you, you could have just contacted me about the TECHNIC stuff 😉

    Is it just me or is there few MOC links missing?…

  4. Daniel says:

    What? No Sponge Bob Square Pants MOC category? Hehe just kidding.

    I do like that “Fighting for Life” Space MOC. It’s like something inspired from the game Dead Space. I love the juxtaposition of organic form against an angular technological structure. Reminds me of the Aliens movie and how even the walls of the buildings taken over by the aliens were fleshy looking. Also, the fact that he used the somewhat rare orange and lime green pieces on the monster was a nice challenge. It paid off.

  5. Angryraccoon(flamar50) says:

    How wonderful and great and FINALLY an episode. Now: GIVE US ANOTHER! Or at least an explanation of why you cannot.

  6. Jason says:

    Hi James,
    Perhaps we could go more the route of a blog than a radio show? We could contribute to it and make it more like the BB with an ocasional radio episode?

  7. sometimes spongebob is stingy and annoying~;,

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