LAMLradio #96 – FancyPants Unleashes the Force

FancyPants unleashes the Force

LAMLradio is back! Its been sometime since our last interview show, so this episode we’ve got the incredibly talented “FancyPants” on to talk about his latest Brickfilm, The Force Unleashed.

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How to make LEGO fly

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4 Responses to LAMLradio #96 – FancyPants Unleashes the Force

  1. Casey says:

    Great to see the podcast back! I first saw this video when it first came out when it had 100 views or so. It’s a great battle and the comedy is great, but I thought the Jedi duel could have been a little more…epic. Anyway, Nice job! Can’t wait for more shows…

  2. Dog says:

    How do you embed the MP3 player into your post?


  3. James says:

    Dog, it is actually a wordpress plugin that I have installed called “podpress”

  4. Dan says:


    Thanks for this podcast! I’m embracing my once-hibernating AFOL after a sizable dark age and this podcast, along with all the awesome blogs has been really great.

    Keep up the great work and thanks again!

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