LAMLradio #97 – Justin "BrickMiner" Carmien

In episode #97 of LAMLradio I pickup the Skype phone and give Justin “BrickMiner” Carmien a call.

An interview with Wild West builder Brickminer

It has been a long time, hasn’t it? I’m not going to give the usual excuses and promises that normally mark a new episode’s release, but I will say this episode was recorded WAYYYY back in the spring. Also, the editing on this one was kept to a minimum.

Anyways, enjoy.


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2 Responses to LAMLradio #97 – Justin "BrickMiner" Carmien

  1. The Brick Guy says:

    I’ve seen some of Brickminer’s MOCs on Brickshelf, and was amazed at the quality and how they looked like official sets! It’s great to see that LAML’s back!

    The Brick Guy

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