I’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now. The LEGO community has lost one of it’s best. You can find a quote from me about nnenn on The Brothers Brick. Keith Goldman told me “I want to give him the best Viking funeral I can” and they sure are doing a awesome job of it.

The icon of a legend

I don’t know what else to add to what has already been said across the net. So check out his gallery again, listen to the interview, and enjoy the coverage on The Brothers Brick.

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  1. Angryraccoon says:

    Hey James. I have no idea how public this is, but I called up my local LEGO store recently to inquire about the LEGO Universe launch party thing, and while I was on the phone, the guy said that the game was slated to be released in August. From what I can tell, all the LEGO website says is that it’s coming out sometime this year. They are and have been very vague about dates and details of this game. But at any rate, I thought I might tell you this if you ever do another show. Please do, by the way. I discovered the LEGO online community through your show, right at the very first episode of the August special, and I was hooked. I miss the once-a-week episodes. Don’t let us down!

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