October 18th – LIVE Show

On October 18th at 9pm EST, LAMLradio will be recording our third live episode. James will be joined by Aaron “DARKspawn” Andrews to talk about all the recent happenings in the LEGO world. The audio player will be put right here in this post when the time comes.

You will be able to chat at ustream.tv and we will leave time for any call ins. Talk to you on Saturday!

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3 Responses to October 18th – LIVE Show

  1. TheQ says:

    Since the recording starts at 5 am in my timezone, I cannot come and join the fun.

    Remember to talk about tentacle difficulties and white fantasy!

  2. Will says:

    James, this isn’t working

  3. Brickule says:

    Same here, can’t hear more than three words at a time. It sounds like this; Female Minifigs……… Soccer…..women figures…..Brick to Bothans….site…. absolutley…..

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