One Year Since The Return (and I missed it!)

This Monday marked the one year “anniversary” of LAMLradio’s reluanch. If you’ve never listened to some of the older episodes, now might be a good time to do so?

LAMLradio #1 – Nottingbley Castle
LAMLradio #2 – Clancy’s Farm
LAMLradio #3 – Crown Manor
LAMLradio #4 – BrickForge
LAMLradio #5 – Keith Goldman’s “You Control the Action”

Here is to another great year of podcasts!

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One Response to One Year Since The Return (and I missed it!)

  1. Bruce says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary. Highlights included lots of great MOCs and builders, live fest coverage, the builder-a-day-for-a-month (though I got so far behind in listening), news of new sets, and so much more. Looking forward to the year to come.

    Some suggested topics (not that you’re lacking):
    Stephen of the old BimPcast
    Mariann Asanuma (former Legoland employee, now free-lance builder)
    Sean Kenney about new changes at MOCpages
    BrickArms guys about that article in the Sun
    Nathan Sawaya
    Have you interviewed Joe Meno already?
    E-mail me – sometime after the CCC is done I’ll do a wrap-up with you
    MisaQa – not sure how her spoken English is, or if you can do Skype with Japan

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