LAMLradio 64 – Mata Nui’s Revelations

In Episode #64 of LAMLradio two staff members of BZpower join me to talk about the big Bionicle news that took place this month. We also preview the upcoming 2009 Bionicle sets. Image from Bioniclepedia Feedback? Email or comment …

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LAMLradio #63 – BrickArms 2009

In Episode #63 of LAMLradio “Badger,” official spokesman for BrickArms, talks with James about the upcoming 2009 BrickArms weapons. Feedback? Email, comment in the blog, or call our voice mail 1-888-869-7315

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LAMLradio #62 – The Girls of 2009


In Episode #62 of LAMLradio, James talks with Heather the LEGOgirl and Mariann the Model Gal about the role of females in LEGO fandom, and how the LEGO company is integrating female minifigs more and more into their sets. Leaked 2009 sets (Brickset/Flickr/Brickshelf) …

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