Year in Review Coming Soon

As its been almost two months since our last show, I thought now a good time to give a quick update on what you can expect very soon from the podcast. I’m working on putting together a “MOCs of the Year” podcast to run down the best of this past year. Not unlike what we did last year.

The difference this time around is I will be inviting notable guests on from each theme instead of relying solely on our opinions. Hopefully this will address some of the complaints from last year’s show.

If you’ve got any MOCs you feel are worthy, feel free to post in the comments section.

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6 Responses to Year in Review Coming Soon

  1. Ken Osbon says:

    Miracle on the Hudson, created in LEGO, 30 days after the real thing.
    This scene was my contribution to Central Ohio LEGO Train Club Display in February for the Great Train Expo in Columbus, Ohio.

    More pics of the whole display available on Mocpages.


  2. Tom says:

    Maybe this joint creation by myself and Captain Green Hair is worthy in the Pirates division?

  3. I started this thread a bit ago in the LEGO group:

    As for personal nominations I liked (Seperated by Category):
    To many of the PtVII Entries on EuroBricks.



    Micro (Not Sure if this Counts):

    I do think my votes may be a little biased to the end of the year and Flickr, but I do think some of the them deserve a spot on your list of MOCs of the Year.

    I know its a sorta long list for a comment, but I’m just trying to help the PodCast out in someway assuming you didn’t tape the episode already.

    I can’t wait to hear the new episode.

  4. James says:

    Hey guys, we FINALLY recorded the episode, it should be up soon. Thanks for all the links, I looked at all of them and included some of them.

  5. Psiaki says:

    so, has it been soon yet?

  6. We were looking for this anywhere! Thanks, finally!

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